About Us

Hi, We're Ken and Cally Hardaker. We're 50 something empty nesters who love travelling. But when we're not on the road we are at home in, Australia - a fabulous place to live.

We're going to spend 2016 having a Gap Year travelling through South, Central and North America and the Caribbean. If you want to follow or travels or to know about past adventures in Tassie and beyond you might find our blog of interest.

This is a new blog being launched January 2016. We've put in some posts of past travels to give you an idea of where we've been so far and also a feel for the style.

We'll be building the blog as we go, regularly adding content through out our travels. And while we hope you will find these interesting we also want to hear from other travellers with tips and stories of their travels.

The central message of our blog is that older travellers (we've called this the 50 and overs for want of a better description) can travel independently, just as younger travellers do. With a bit of planning and a few handy tools, you can do it on a budget, and go to places you thought you could only go to on an organised group trip.

If you fill in the email contact box on the right we'll keep you posted. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram and this way receive updates in real time.

Travel Tips

We have found that a lot of people our age think that traveling independently, especially to places outside of Western Europe, North America of other obvious tourist locations (such as Fiji and Bali) is risky and difficult.

And while a little more planning is needed at times to visit more remote or less developed countries it is quite doable and opens up so many possibilities for travel. In our blog we'll provide some information about how we approach planning for our trips as well as blog posts on a wide range of destinations.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is Australia's smallest state and an island. It has some of the best bushwalking and wilderness in the world. It also has a growing reputation as a clean, green location with excellent food and wine. On top of that it has some world class places to visit including Cradle Mountain, Wine Glass Bay, Port Arthur, the Bay of Fires and MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). When we're not traveling we'll write about Tassie and some of our favourite places.